For Tara, Love Krissi.

For Tara, Love Krissi.

I love watching children create almost as much as I enjoy creating myself. My own children's creations have directly influenced my direction and style, we create together as a way of life, a tradition passed on to me from my mother, Tara Whitehead, who was a gifted artist and my first art teacher. When I was a young girl, she lost her lifelong battle with Sickle Cell Anemia. Her absence left me with no one to continue to encourage my artistic passions and I neglected them for many years... until I reached a point so low, that I began to draw again, instinctively, as a means of much needed self care.

In many ways, my creative outlet saved me, and has changed our quality of life. Even as things have improved greatly in my life as a result of finding support for my craft...I knew there were more people are out there that were just as I had been... young people needing someone to nurture and support their creativity after grief and loss of losing a parent. Kids who may have so much to say if only they had a platform, or supplies, or a that may have a desire to learn more but attend schools that lack programs or resources for art programs.... parents that can't afford expensive supplies that are needed to practice and master an artistic medium of expression.

My experiences have helped shape a new passion, so going forward, proceeds from the sale of all merchandise on will be used to forge the art collective 'For Tara', a non profit that seeks to provide art supplies, training, support, mentor-ship and a safe haven for young, at risk children and teens that have a desire to pursue art as therapy, self care, or a way of life. It is our belief that the pursuit of creativity should not be limited to those who were born to privilege.

We thank you for a year support of, you have changed our lives, we are so excited to embark on the next part of our purpose by giving the same support to those who need it.

It is my hope that we can color the realities of those youth who will shape our tomorrow, with the brilliance of vibrant possibility, today.